Friday, June 29, 2007

I was lucky enough to get to go see the movie pre-screening last night. I could say a lot of pros and cons about it, but all and all, I thought it was pretty good. That is actually a big compliment from me since I went in with very low expectations, and am die-hard Generation 1, which was definitely not what this movie was about. Anyway, it had a lot of action, and a fairly decent storyline. The transformations were sort of cool, but went a little too fast, and the Transformers turned into big giant metal balls it seemed at times, which made them hard to decipher. There were a lot of really cool moments during some of the transformations though, and I appreciated the homage to some of the old cartoons with the dialogue they used in some of battle scenes, etc. All and all, it was good, just not my "Ultimate Transformer" movie.