Saturday, March 24, 2012

School Rumble

Ok, the last anime for me to review today, which will finally get me caught up since I finished Second Semester yesterday (watched the first some time ago). I really won't have much to say here about this show, because it really isn't very deep. It is very fun though, and I did really enjoy it, even though I can't say I am happy with the ending. That is mostly because they have unfortunately canceled doing a Third Semester even though it was written. Anyway, this show is really on the silly side, but it was a fun change of pace after some of the more serious shows I have been watching lately. I did really root for Harima the main character though, even though I don't understand the infatuation with Tenma that he has. I really thought the two other girls he really should have had interest in (Eri and Yakumo, which he comically refers to as "Rich Girl" and "Tenmas Sister") were much better and it is obvious they have interest in him. I guess if he does go after one of the others, it would probably end the series though...

Oh well, not sure I will ever see how this plays out, though I am considering maybe buying the Manga books where this show left off, (looks to be around issue 13 I think), and maybe actually reading the conclusion, though that seems a daunting task with all the other reading and things I am backlogged on... Now before Monday I am deciding what to watch next. In my que is Heat Guy J, Witchblade, some more Tenchi, or Shuffle which I am trying to remember if I have already seen or not... Recently ordered Girls Bravo on the cheap too, so it is jumping in there as well.

School Rumble Second Semester


Ok, good news! I hated Full Metal Panic, but I followed that with Gungrave, which I liked a lot. I really liked the main character Brandon and his intricate story with Maria, Big Daddy and of course Harry MacDowell. I loved seeing how the story unwound in the past, and to see the definitive conclusion to all at the end. I hate to keep bringing up FMP, but this was an exact opposite in regards to character development, and I really grew to develop feelings and emotions for the characters in the show. Even the bad guys.... There was moments of happiness when something good happened as well as that feeling of sadness/disappointment when something bad did. The whole crime/mafia aspect of the show was also a fun diversion from the normal anime fare...

I did really like this series, and consider it one of the better ones I have seen. There are some other series I have that might beat it to the top of my list, but this show would definitely make it very high. A++ from me!

Gungrave Series

Full Metal Panic

I had decided to leave a small review with each series I watch lately, but I have either been lazy or busy and hadn't really done that. Now that I work from home, I usually get in a couple of episodes a day at lunch time, which means I finish a normal length series every couple of weeks give or take a few days. I am three series behind on my reviews, so I am starting with the oldest I completed and moving up to the new, which means I am starting with Full Metal Panic.

Unfortunately, I am starting on a bad note, because to be honest, I really did not like this series that much at all. Sure it has a good premise, and I liked the animation and all, but I really disliked both of the main characters, Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori. Ok, I can dismiss for a good while realism when watching anime, because if you can't you will obviously never enjoy it. While that may be the case, I expect a certain level of realism about the characters interactions and emotions. These two main characters did not provide that for me, especially Sousuke. Yes, I understand he lived a hard life and was sheltered from normal everyday activity and interactions, but at the same time, I felt he was experiencing these throughout the show, but never seemed to learn from them. I really thought that some point he would start acting a little more normal and it just never happened. He was just strange and never changed, which he has motivation to do so with his feelings toward Kaname. Speaking of Kaname, I really didn't like her either. She seems to be popular in the show for no apparent reason, and I really thought she was too aloof because of it.

I could keep going on, but I think I will cut it short at that. I know there were sequels made, and if the price is right, maybe I will give those a go at some point to see if it can redeem itself, but I have to say I am in no hurry. So far this has been the most disappointing anime I have watched in a long time. It probably also doesn't help that I watched it after Fate/Stay, which is one of my favorites. I also feel bad because my wife bought this Blu-ray for me as a Christmas present. She doesn't buy me anime much, and it would not be good for her to know I didn't like it. It wasn't her fault since I asked for it, but I wish I hadn't gotten it this way. Oh well.....

Full Metal Panic Series