Thursday, October 31, 2013

Almost a year later... Masterpiece, etc.

Okay, so much for me making more post.... I admit it has been almost a year, which seems crazy to me. I guess I have really just been so busy. What has made me finally post something today, is that I got my Takara Masterpiece Bluestreak in the mail today from BigBadToyStore. I have to admit, while he is very cool, I have gotten a lot of other cool Masterpiece figures since my last post, so it is funny he broke the camels back. Well, thinking about it, he probably isn't the only cause. I also got an email today from the G.I.Joe and/or Transformers collectors clubs (I am a member of both, and not exactly sure which one the email originated from, with a message telling me I have been in a drawing, and have a chance to pick up the G.I.Joe/Transformer SD Comic-Con set. I have really wanted this set, and have almost succumbed to paying the outrageous prices that it sells for on eBay. It won't be cheap here, but much better than I have seen. I am excited to grab it. Below is a picture of it that was sent.

Getting back to Masterpieces, since that last post, I think I have picked up the following:

Acid Storm (Hasbro Toys R Us exclusive)

Sideswipe (all the rest are the Takara releases picked up from BBTS)



Red Alert

Rumble and Ravage

Frenzy and Buzzsaw



A list with generic photos can be seen on my site. Masterpiece

There has also been many other G.I. Joe and Transformer items I have gotten, that I know I either don't have time to list all currently, or may forget. I will try to go back and post those soon. One think I will note is I have a lot of cool pictures and swag from back in August when I went to Universal Studios in Florida, and got to check out the Transformers ride. I will try to do a post/page just on that soon, as well as the other things. Hope to be back soon!