Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I have reached 100 360 games....

Well, with the holiday season, I got more games to add to my collection. When updating my website and the list I created, I realized I have hit the 100 game milestone for Xbox 360. And this list does not include arcade games.

I have mixed feelings about this. Obvious it is great to have so many games, and it might be a bit of a bragging right for some. I have to admit though, I look at it and feel a little ashamed of myself... lol Mostly because I do not think I have played half of them. I had passed the same milestone back in the original Xbox heyday, and though I say I will eventually get around to playing them all, it seems I never will as the collection grows. As it has been put by one of my friends on the Gamespot website before, it is mostly from me getting sucked into great buy one get one deals at Gamestop. On that same note, I do not buy most of my games at the new $59.99 price. Unless it is something I really want, or get as a gift, I usually wait until it gets down to at least $30, or I buy some used, a lot for for around $10 to $20 dollars each.

Either way, it does add up to a lot of money though, and I cant help think maybe I should have done something different. The even sadder part is that my anime collection is much the same. Well, I guess I wouldn't be a true die hard gamer if I stopped now. Its nice to spend on the things you enjoy.... My wife would probably kill me if it was all added up though.

If anyone reads this and wants to see my list, the links are:

or for my anime:

I used to use Gamespot for my list, but kind of quit earlier this year when they changed formats. Plus my list makes it easier for my wife to see what I want or have. Also I find pictures make an easier graphical way to digest how nice my collection is compared to them all crammed in my shelves....