Friday, December 28, 2012

Additional Masterpiece Additions

Something Transformers to add for a change. With the new year upon us, Takara and Hasbro have been slowly adding more Masterpieces for us to put into the collections.

Toys R Us has added a couple with those being redesigned Optimus Prime with his trailer as well as Thundercracker, completing the original "Seeker" collection. Takara has done/is doing a bit more with adding Sideswipe, Soundwave with Laserbeak, Red Alert, Rumble and Ravage set, and Frenzy and Buzzsaw set.

Most of the Takara sets aren't out yet, but Red Alert is, which I just picked up. I also got the Toys R Us Thundercracker. Will work to get the others as I can. Stay tuned...