Saturday, May 28, 2011

20th Anniversary (Masterpiece) Optimus Prime "re-stacked"

Getting my Masterpiece Megatron and seeing him with my Masterpiece Optimus, it became very obvious to me that Optimus was .....lacking, in certain areas...

Well, to restore his manhood and make him the Autobot supreme, I got on eBay and purchased the long smokestacks like those issued with Takara/Japan. Took his arms apart and replaced them, and he is now ready to kick some Decepticon bootie.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Masterpiece Megatron

This comes a couple of weeks after the fact, but was busy with vacation, family etc. I finally got and added Masterpiece Megatron to my collection. He was one I was afraid I would never get due to his price, the US laws in regards to him (his gun mode looks too real), and also just the overall scarceness of finding him until her was released by Takara.

Anyway, I did finally order one and got him, and he is great. While I opened the box and took him and his accessories out of the clear shell he was packed in, I haven't transformed him yet. That is both because of fear of breaking him (he seems to be somewhat fragile, but also after working with Masterpiece Optimus and various Alternators I know it will take some time I haven't had. I don't want to get into a rush and risk breaking him. He is great though, and blows away even the Gen1 Megatron. Definitely the #1 release to me. I found this great article on him someone else posted on their site with great detail/information on him for anyone interested.

I really am going to make an effort to get good photos of him and all my other Transformers that need pics up on my pages soon.