Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fortress Maximus

I finally got it today, so I can now officially post it. I finally got the unreachable Transformer for me, Fortress Maximus. I have wanted him so badly over the many years I started working on my Generation 1 collection. With a little bit of luck, and saving I finally got one though I admit that as of this post, he is far from complete. I got him on eBay missing many parts, but as soon as I won the auction, I immediately started getting the parts that are missing that I could afford. I got some of the parts I ordered for him yesterday, before I even got him today. When I did get him today I added the parts I got, and will continue to do so as they come in, and my budget will allow me to purchase more. At this point, I have purchased all of the parts that make his main body complete, with the one exception being his radar dish. With any luck, I can get it in a few weeks, and then I will proceed to work on getting his other missing parts, namely his large rifles, and then new stickers for him, and finally the parts needed for gasket/grommet. As I said in my previous post, I am really working to get my collection pages current, so I really feel I can say with certainty that I should be keeping his page updated as I go. I will try to keep this blog updated as I proceed.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Site/Collection updating

Lately, I have realized that when I have been updating this site, it is unfortunately not with the most important parts, which is my actual Transformer collection. That is a shame really because it is suppose to be the focal point of my site, and has really been needing it from when I started it as a class project many years ago. That being the case, I am trying to rededicate myself to making my site better, primarily by cleaning up my collection pages so they are better formatted with pictures, have the correct pictures, have the pictures taken nicely from my collection instead of eBay pictures if there are pictures at all, and also update my personal descriptions, which in most cases out dated since I have added to many figures. I already took a lot of pictures last night and already updated the following Autobots:

Fortress Maximus

Stay tuned for more updates. They will take a while, but I do plan to really work on them and not let this fade away as in times past...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Added Technobots Strafe and Scattershot to complete Computron

This is a couple of months overdue for various reasons, but I finally got Strafe and Scattershot to complete the Computron portion of my collection.  I got both of them complete, and Scattershot even has his box.  I should have listed this months ago, but as I said..... 

Plus I am doing it now, because I anticipate the missing "crown jewel" of my collection coming next week.  I will definitely post when I get that guy (though I admit I already preemptively put a page up for him.... too excited......), so stay tuned.....