Thursday, September 30, 2010

**A actual site update** and New Additions to my collection

Ok, there has been a lot going on the past year and a half. I moved out of state twice and really didn't have a way to display and enjoy my collection. Our new house we got a few months ago changed that though, and I am now in the process of getting my new "dedicated" office/collector room setup, and my collection displayed again. That also means I have started adding to it again.

I recently got Trailbreaker,Broadside and Ramjet, and updated my Collection page to show them. Take a look. They are great and well kept additions.

I will be updating more as I can. I want to add some other additions to my site like my addition of a less than stellar Sixshot, a big growth of my almost complete Gobots collection and display of them, and my rebuild of what was my just sitting Hun grrr, with him added to my Repro page. Stay tuned..