Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mighty Gobots

Well, I haven't posted on here in ages, and even though I occasionally do minor updates on the site, I haven't done anything major in a while. Well, those minor updates have usually been because I have been updating my Gobots collection, even though it hasn't been getting the best treatment itself.

Now seems to be a good time to give it all a overhaul though, because I just recently acquired a sizable collection of Gobots, most notably a significant number (16) of unopened ones in a collection. With that, I decided to dedicate some time updating my inventory list, and I have found I am only missing 7 Gobots, and only 13 backer cards. That is only counting opened/uncarded ones. It can be counted as less if you count the unopened ones I have or the unopened 3 packs.

Thats not counting Super Gobots, only the normal sized ones. I have quite a few duplicates as well, which probably pushes my collection over 100. Anyway, check out my updated Excel checklist on my "Gobots" page if interested, as well as a couple of updated pictures I took. I do wish I could find a good case like I have for my Transformers to properly display them without concern of dust, etc.

I plan to really redo this page as I have time, so if your a fan, check back periodically. I think I have one of the better collections of these guys out there now, so I have to try to do them justice.