Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fate/Stay Night... One of my favorites!

Well, I had my eye on this series for a really long time and had a feeling I would really like it. Well, I finally decided to go on the hunt and purchase this series a few weeks ago and finally got it all after hunting down the different disk from various sources on Amazon and eBay.

Well, I can happily say now that I am glad I did. I loved this show, and it now ranks in probably my top 5 favorite anime series! It was really great! I thought it was deep without being overly complicated, and I also liked pretty much all of the main characters a lot. I thought that the main character ShirĊ was a good mix of not being too strong, confident, cooky, etc but at the same time wasn't too much of a nerd, geek, pervert, pansy, etc. Sabre was cool and complex. She was believable in being a strong, determined character that I also liked a lot. Rin was actually my favorite female character, and I liked how they handled her as well. In the interest of not spoiling the plot for anyone who hasn't watched it, I sort of wished that certain character interactions at the end would have been different, but the door was left open I think for you to take things the way you wanted it to go in your mind afterwards.

Anyway, a great show. Its too bad that it appears to be in publishing limbo right now because of company changes/mergers and all of that. Each disk I went through a lot to find reasonably priced, and while I was able to buy most in new condition, I had to get a couple used. I was glad to grab the complete series and box though. I finished all 24 episodes in less than 5 days, and really wanted more to be honest. I admit I have also been watching Full Metal Panic! at the same time as this, and while I have always heard good things about it, and I admit I like it to a certain degree too, it just doesn't compare. I have been fine just watching a couple of episodes a day of the latter series, while like I said, I can't get enough of Fate/Stay. Also, I have been leaving it alone since I got it due to the backlog of other games, but watching this made me break into my Fate/Extra LE PSP game (yes, not the same story, but very interesting none the less). Ok, I am rambling on so I will stop. Below is a picture of the Rin Tohsaka Revoltech model figure I got. It and the DVD box set will sit on my desk for a while I am sure!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finished Big O

I started this series years ago, but things came up and never finished series 1 and didn't even start 2. That changed now and I just finished both. It was a really good series though I admit there were times I either felt I was watching the same episode over and over, or was a little lost in some of the plot points. Overall it was very good though, and I figured most everything out for the most part. I really enjoyed the Gotham like Paradigm city, and really liked all of the main characters. Even ones I didn't like at first like Dorothy really grew on me as it progressed. I wouldn't say its a favorite, but it was a very good and recommended series to watch. I liked it enough that I only had series 1 when I started it, but made sure to order and get in series 2 before I was finished with one to keep the story going. I didn't want to wait for it to continue. Next up is Fate/Stay Night which I already started and Full Metal Panic...

Big O Series