Sunday, November 2, 2008

Filter /Hard Rock

This was freaking awesome. One of the best experiences of my life. My friend Matt and I got to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Cleveland for the restaurants 10th anniversary and to see Filter play there on November 1st. My wife hooked us up with the tickets, which included meet and greets.

We got VIP passes and it was cool. We first hung out at the sectioned off bar with a couple of other guys, and got some free alcohol. Then the band just came out and just started hanging out and talking with us. It was really cool. I had them all sign my CD cover to their latest album. Then the Hard Rock gave us all free T shirts, which the band wrote Filter on and signed. It sucked that I brought a camera, but the batteries were dead. Hard Rock did get a picture of me and Matt, and I took some with my phone, but again they suck. Back to the concert. We went and sat in a booth after the band left, waiting for the set up and show. The way it was, Hard Rock just closed the restaurant that night, and just removed all of the tables and put in a small stage. That meant we had prime seating. It was more impressive because we weren't suppose to have the booth. They were all suppose to be reserved. They didn't make us move though, and we wound up having it for the whole show. Once it started, we just stood up or sat on the back of the booth, and had the band playing about 10 feet away. Anytime, we wanted, we could just leave the booth, and with a little bit of work, pretty much get right to the front of the stage. It was awesome. As for music, they pretty much played most of the songs from Title of Record, which you wont hear me complain since it is one of my favorite albums of all time. The opening act, which I cant think of the name of at the moment, was also very good. We met another guy there too who hung out with us and was pretty cool named Bill. An awesome experience, and one that I doubt I will get close to ever duplicating again.