Saturday, December 1, 2007

I wasn't feeling that well today when I got up, and found myself sitting on the couch with my laptop with nothing to look at (I did a good bit of web surfing this week while on jury duty.).  Anyway, I thought it a good idea to give some love to my much neglected site.  Starting out, I thought I should go ahead and put the pictures up, as I have been intending to, of most of my Gobots, on my Gobots page.  I did that and gave a few minutes to replace the IDW "Generations" link here on the home page with the "Best of the UK", since it seems to have replaced it.  I also did a little more updating of the books on the IDW page for "The Best of the UK", and "Devestation".  For the heck of it, added my GameSpot card down with my Xbox gamer card.