Monday, July 28, 2014

Masterpiece!?!? Huffer

Okay, this one is a bit different. I usually think it is better to stick to official releases, but the wait for a new Masterpiece figure has gone too long, and I have been looking at the Cubex Huff (Huffer) on the web for a long time now. Temptation has gotten to much though, and so I have decided to add him and likely other third party offerings I like to my Masterpiece collection.

I got him from BBTS, and I have to admit I really do like him, and glad I made the gamble. He is really cool, and does fit in with the Takara/Hasbro Masterpieces. I just don't know how I am going to feel about the investment if an official one is ever released.

On a different note, during this purchase, I also added the MP-15 Rumble & Ravage Coin to my masterpiece set. I have been working to add the coins released in Asia to my collection throughout the year. I actually have at least half of them now. I have made sure to order the Takara releases with the coins from BBTS from now on.

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