Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Masterpiece Shockwave!!

It is here!! The third party Masterpiece that really made me decide to break the no third party rule along with Huffer. Heres the thing, Huffer was the first third party Masterpiece I bought, but it was a combination of him being less expensive, still being available to a small degree as well as my like for him (I remember my Grandmother buying me the original G1 version of him as one of my Christmas presents). It was the Fan Toys Quakewave (Shockwave) however, that put things in motion. You see, I didn't know about Quakewave until sometime after he had been out, and when I did discover it, I wrestled over making the third party plung until July of 2014. I loved Shockwave pretty much from the beginning of my knowledge of him when I got the Transformers comics from Marvel (Issue 5, I still love that cover and wish I could have it as a poster).

Anyway, in July I decided I should probably bend the rules with all the good things I had read and seen on YouTube, so I thought I would start with the Cubex Huff (Huffer) and see how it went from there (price and availability as I mentioned above). I think I grabbed the last one that BBTS had, and when it came in, I was really happy with it. I then knew that I had to go ahead and break the rules for other third party masterpieces as long as I made sure they were good beforehand from what is online. I then went to try to track down Shockwave. As you can well imagine, no retailer I could find has him anymore, and eBay sellers are wanting $300 plus for him. I have continued to look and finally got lucky and found one on eBay for a bit less than that though it was opened and briefly displayed from what I read. I got it today, and while I really haven't had a chance to do much with him because of work, I did open him and experience some of his glory. Below are the eBay sellers pics. I am so happy!!

What makes this even crazier and me more happy, is I also received the Grey version (Shackwave) which is a ToyDojo exclusive today. I actually will probably like this one even more, but I refuse to open it or say more about it today. I am going to wait and save it for a day or two before I even open it. I want to enjoy Shockwave first. Keep an eye out for my next post!

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